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Over the past two decades our client base in these sectors has developed to include high profile brands, niche firms, startups and everything in between. The common ground with all our clients is that they demand the level of quality and service that Fourleaf provide and trust us to deliver the powerful results they need.

With our studio continually working with clients on new projects, if you have something specific in mind then please contact us and we will be happy to provide a bespoke creds deck.

Fighting food waste one loaf at a time.

Fourleaf created an identity for Crumbs Brewing that reflects their goal to fight the increasing problem of food waste and positions their unique beer offering within a highly competitive craft beer market

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Promoting world leading fiber optic protection from Royal DSM.

This new solutions from Royal DSM needed a modern and sophisticated approach to position them as a leader in the field of fiber optics.

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Uniting water, energy and food on a global stage with Dutch Dubai.

In 2021 the world expo will be hosted in Dubai. The Ministry of foreign affairs asked us to design and build the website for the Dutch participation of this large event.

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Solving intricate visual communications challenges for Engie.

Engie needed a graphical language to explaining their products and services in an easy to understand way using infographics and animation.

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Inspiring greater certainty for an innovative energy consultancy.

Working with io's existing brand guidelines and related assets we created a multitude of communications materials to present io as disruptors within their field.

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At the heart of public mobility with the city of Rotterdam.

The City of Rotterdam required a strong visual identity for a high profile event organised to highlight the need to improve its public mobility.

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Simplifying the programming of industrial robots with Roxy.

As an innovative new piece of technology this required a visual identity for impactful and dynamic communications to be used at events and new business presentations.

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Supporting Shell Chemicals as one of the world's leading suppliers.

Fourleaf have been supporting the Chemicals business within Shell for a number of years, across wide ranging target audiences and an even broader selection of deliverables.

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Inspiring the next generation to 'make the future'.

This global, dynamic event hosted by Shell aims to engage and educate all ages about the necessity to create a more sustainable, energy-rich, lower carbon future.

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Communicating visions of the future for Shell Scenarios.

The future of energy and its challenges is a complex and sensitive arena requiring clear messaging delivered in innovative and engaging ways.

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Rethinking the 2020s: a post-COVID-19 landscape.

Shell have been developing possible visions of the future since the 1970s, the latest of which explores a series of pathways navigating a post-COVID-19 world.

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Contributing to accessible energy for all.

As a leading energy company, affordable, clean energy - SDG7 in the UN's sustainable development goals - and the access to it, is one of Shell's key areas of commitment.

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Showcasing Shell's New Energies projects for a lower-carbon business.

With final consumption of electricity expected to overtake oil by 2040 there is a need for an accelerated effort to reduce power sector CO2 emissions.

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Trading of carbon credits with nature-based solutions.

As Shell continue to expand their portfolio of climate and environmentally beneficial projects, they approached us with a need to take their existing content and restructure it to be clear and digestible.

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Becoming a net-zero emissions energy business.

This full page takeover was the first of its kind for Shell, communicating their ambition to become a net-zero emissions global energy business by 2050 or sooner.

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