Exhibition and conference design. Building a #1 presence for Hallite Seals.

The International Fluid Power Exposition in Las Vegas is the number one trade show and conference for the fluid power industry.

With three new product launches scheduled for the event, Fourleaf worked with Hallite to create a strong presence across multiple touchpoints at the exhibition from large format graphics to digital content, marking them out as an industry leader.

Our client

About Hallite

Hallite Seals International is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of fluid power hydraulic and pneumatic seals. Offering sealing solutions to the fluid power industry, Hallite operates worldwide and are renowned for their commitment to engineering excellence.

For over 100 years, Hallite has been at the cutting edge of fluid power technology, manufacturing a wide range of rod / gland, piston, and static seals, as well as support and bearing components, for technically challenging applications.

A truly global company, Hallite is at the forefront of industry innovation giving complete confidence in the performance of hydraulic cylinders, producing premium products and delivering them across the world.

The challenge

Large format graphics to stand out in a crowd

IFPE Las Vegas occurs every 3 years and with Covid disrupting attendance at the 2020 expo, Hallite wanted to hit the 2023 event with a bit of a bang.

Fluid power professionals visit IFPE to discover highly engineered solutions for improving mobile and industrial equipment's efficiency, performance, and sustainability and learn about the latest technology.

In an event space of more than 230,000 square meters and attracting around 1,800 exhibitors from around the world, Hallite needed an eye-catching presence that had the audience as its focus with bold visual styling and on stand content that worked in large open spaces to encourage and facilitate conversation. Digital and interactive content needed to centre on audience experience and knowledge needs.

Large format graphics

Get noticed with bold large-scale content

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The process

Crafting the event experience

With the event stand format and layout decided on, we strategised at how best to use the Hallite brand throughout, applying the visual identity and graphic styling Fourleaf had previously created as part of a Brand refresh project.

Analysing the exhibition centres entry points, the position of the stand and the likely visitor flow, placement of key messages and brand visuals were considered alongside the most engaging and effective way for the audience to consume information.

The stand content came from a collaborative process with our client who knew what she wanted to shout about but needed our know-how to suggest and action how best to position and present it.

The result was a seamless experience within the space from pre-launch to post-launch, in both print and digital content.

The solution

Print and digital content to engage and inform

Key information across 4 zones

The 1,000 sq ft event space featured 4 zones; sustainability, innovation, partnership and education. Each zone featured video content to engage the audience during dwell times, touchscreen content for more in depth knowledge and central to the stand was the Solutions Centre for face to face conversations supported by digital technical content shared via either laptops or ipads.

Considering the unreliable connectivity at large scale exhibitions, we suggested and built offline versions of training platforms to showcase Hallite’s technical expertise giving the audience an insight into their 120 years of industry experience.

To further the cohesive experience, we created a press kit page on Hallite.com including downloadable assets for the media to explore any materials they may need before or after the event.

Continuing the momentum, a post-event video highlighted the 3 key products launched at IFPE featuring leading Hallite experts explaining each product, furthering Hallite's position as a market leader in the industry.

Mobile, interactive & touchscreen

We create engaging and captivating interactive assets

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“We have done amazing things and I couldn’t have possibly done any of them without your help and support. Thank you for being a source of fantastic ideas all the time. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you."

Putting our skills to use

Our specialist skills and experience enable us to develop a deep understanding of our client’s business, ideas and goals. We pull together the right combination for the challenge set.

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