Graphic design and print to educate and inform for Eni.

Building a recycling culture from within with a bold internal comms campaign.

Eni are on their journey towards the energy transition with solid actions to achieve carbon neutrality. One piece of the puzzle is ensuring their entire workforce is committed to play their part. To encourage Eni UK Head office employees to recycle correctly, we were asked to create an internal comms campaign to inform, educate and encourage.

Our client

About Eni

Eni is an integrated energy company, with employees in 69 countries around the world. In 2021, the company launched a new strategy that will enable it to provide a variety of fully decarbonised products, combining environmental and financial sustainability.

Eni aspires to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, supporting a just energy transition that meets the challenge of climate change with concrete and economically sustainable solutions by promoting efficient and sustainable access to energy.

The challenge

Struggling to optimise the recycling habits of office based employees

Eni needed visual assets located in the right places to engage and resonate with people and ultimately encourage more and correct recycling practices. With existing in-house produced collateral failing to hit the mark, as part of our ongoing work with Eni we were asked to help them do things better.

The process

Campaign strategy with the audience at the heart.

Initially we strategised by analysing dwell times, presence of workforce and timing while considering the shifts between remote and office-based working. This transferred into our messaging, where campaign naming was proposed on a soft-to-hard hitting scale, ensuring the tone of voice and final messaging hit the right chord with the audience.

The strategic approach was paired with a bold, angular visual language to work in harmony with the messaging while also reflecting the topic of litter by resembling discarded paper or other waste material.

Brand strategy

Before creativity comes strategy.

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Pairing strategy with thoughtful creative

We carried out strategy, copywriting and branding to create an internal comms campaign which included informative &educational posters and mirror vinyls. We focused our placement based on high priority areas, dwell time and footfall to ensure the maximum return on investment.

The solution

Building habits through consistency

Posters were positioned in key areas around communal spaces with high dwell times. Those placed within highest dwell time areas focused on educating the audience. Additional informative posters were positioned above bins to ensure the campaign ran cohesively from the audiences first encounter with the campaign through to where they took action. Emails and table talkers were also recommended, to share information and encourage action wherever possible.

Mirror vinyls in bathrooms increased campaign awareness as well as strengthening the messaging.

By taking the approach of focusing on key office touchpoints, we helped to build understanding and better habits. The end result was a significant increase in both the volume and accuracy of recycling.

Print and graphic design

Sustainable graphic design and printed communications.

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