Visual branding with maximum impact for Crumbs Brewing.

Crumbs Brewing came to Fourleaf as a start-up needing an identity to reflect their goal to fight the increasing problem of food waste and to position their beer offering within a highly competitive craft beer market.

Partnering with Chalk Hills Bakery, just around the corner from our office, Crumbs Brewing make beer using left over artisan bread. Each beer is made with a different type of loaf, so the style of beer reflects the character of the delicious bread that makes it.

Our client

About Crumbs Brewing

Crumbs Brewing is a local, family owned company, founded by husband and wife Morgan and Elaine Arnell in 2017 and based in our very own Reigate, Surrey.

After many years working in the corporate world they were keen to create something together with a positive message at its heart. Shocked by the amount of wastage their local artisan bakery had to contend with, they set about trying to find a new purpose for one lovingly crafted artisan product by creating a new one; beer!

Fighting food waste and making tasty, unique beers at the same time!

Crumbs take loaves that would otherwise go unsold from their local bakery and turn them into beer, finding a new purpose to fight food waste.

of all bread produced in the UK goes to waste
3 tonnes
of that bread has gone into Crumbs great tasting beer!
year on year sales increase, with projected figures even higher
The challenge

Design for Good

Crumbs wanted a striking new look to make an impact and stand out on a crowded shelf of craft beers but also an identity and presence that would work on new products that may come in the future. The clear message was the need to be recognised and known for making use of things that would otherwise go to waste.

The solution

Fighting food waste one loaf at a time.

Following the initial research and analysis of the competitor landscape, we produced a master brand that was easily adaptable across a range of beers that was sure to grow beyond their original Bloomin’ Amber Ale.

The “C” logo was created from multiple overlaid circles representing the bubbles from both the fermentation process and the final product; the various intersection points of these multiple circles became the 'crumbs' shapes you see in the final logo.

As well as supporting typefaces, colour palette and bottle labels, we also produced packaging across the full range of bottles and cans. We were very excited to see the results in the flesh on our weekly shop!

Visual branding

We create distinctive and compelling visual branding

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The result

The Drum Design Awards Design for Good

This category of The Drum Design Awards recognises the growing contribution that design and creativity play in making the world a better place.

We were proud to be announced as a finalist for our submission of Crumbs Brewing, as an initiative centred around sustainability and waste reduction, as well as heroing local produce.

“Working with Fourleaf was an absolute pleasure. As a new brand we had a pretty strong idea of what we thought we were about but no clue how to translate that into a brand identity. The team did a great job of understanding both us and the rather cluttered category we were entering. Steering us clear of some rather obvious routes (think loaves and bread crumbs all over the place) to impress us with how simplicity and the bold use of colour could give us the standout we needed.”

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