The most sustainable design agency in the world (probably!)

Knowing if we live up to our ambition of being the most sustainable design agency in the world is hard to know. However, we’re convinced of our passion and drive to do so. It’s something we constantly strive towards.

We operate an ethical and sustainable business that has a distinct and proven positive impact on the world around us. Our own actions, business decisions and supply chain undergo continual review. In this section we cover some of the initiatives and actions we have taken to make Fourleaf the sustainable design agency of choice.

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Sustainability through energy

Energy supply

We purchase our energy from 100% renewable sources which includes wind power, solar, biomass and hydropower. We also encourage our team to use renewable energy providers at home.

Low energy LED lighting

Our offices use low energy LED lighting throughout. They require less electricity than a standard lighting system with 95% of the energy converted into light and only 5% wasted as heat.

Smart metering

We monitor our energy usage via smart metering. This enables us to identify opportunities to reduce our energy consumption and leave more renewable energy in the grid for others to benefit from.

Smart low energy heating system

Our offices benefit from smart low energy heating systems allowing us to control temperatures remotely and efficiently. We can target which areas need heating and when to reduce our energy consumption.

Fresh air systems

During the temperate months, we use fresh air systems which are a more efficient means of creating a comfortable environment without the need for air conditioning.

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Sustainability through waste management

Office waste

It is mandatory for all our staff to be committed to recycling our waste. We do not use our local authority waste service. Instead, we use an alternative and innovative waste provider that guarantees a zero to landfill policy.

All recyclable materials are made into new products, while contaminated or unrecyclable materials are used for energy generation to power homes. We even compost 100% of our food waste in an aerobic hotbin digester, producing compost for our own gardens.

Bring your own waste (BYOW)

In addition to the waste generated from within our own office, we believe that Fourleaf as a business can play an important role in helping to reduce our own personal waste from home. We therefore also provide specialist recycling streams which we call BYOW stations.

These can be used by all staff for both business and personal recycling from home enabling us to pool our more difficult to recycle items and benefit from volume. Additionally, our combined recycled waste is then exchanged for cash for local charities and schools.

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Sustainability through travel

We operate two EV leasing schemes which our team can participate in. They’re designed to reduce the personal cost of EV ownership and enable more of our team to travel more sustainably both for work and personal travel.

EV Leasing schemes

With a number of EV’s at Fourleaf, we ensure that all face-to-face business meetings which involves car travel are done via EV.

Business travel via EV

Meetings and business travel which does not specifically require the use of road travel via car will always use public transport.

Public transport

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Data centres & servers

Sustainability through data centres and servers

Web servers

All our web servers which deliver content online are powered by 100% renewable energy. In addition, some selected data centres are carbon neutral accredited. Those which are not are typically working towards it.

Content delivery networks

The use and selection of content delivery networks are a balancing act between performance and sustainability. We advise our clients on a case-by-case basis on the most appropriate route with sustainability as one of the primary factors.

File and data servers

Our internal file and data servers are powered by 100% renewable energy. They also benefit from Ultra Free Air cooling technology to maximise efficiency. This uses less water and energy to cool them and results in an industry leading Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating.

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Supply chain & purchasing

Sustainability in our supply chain and purchasing

Supply chain management

We consider the environmental impact of the products and services we buy through our supply chain. We are currently in the process of tightening and implementing a more stringent supplier sustainability evaluation model which will help us better understand where we can make better buying decisions.

Office supplies

Our general office supplies all come from a single source and with strong sustainability credentials. They are delivered via a fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles from a supplier whose environmental approach spans right across their business, including having a 55,000m2 solar array and half a megawatt of battery storage capability.


We only buy or procure sustainable print solutions for our clients. However, there is no ‘one size fits all’ where print is concerned, and we pull from a variety of different sustainable options depending on a client’s needs. This could include both recycled or virgin paper from sustainable sources, the use of vegetable or soya inks or the carbon neutral credentials of the factory and delivery methods.

Join our sustainable supply chain.

If you have excellent sustainability credentials which can help achieve our mission to be the most sustainable design agency in the world then please get in touch via our contact page.

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Initiatives & policies

Sustainability through initiatives and policies

Throughout the course of the year, we run various initiatives. For example, last year we participated in plastic free July. As a business this can sometimes be challenging but it can unearth new opportunities for more sustainable options.

Our initiatives can also feed into more permanent policies. For example, after plastic free July we now have our milk delivered in glass bottles and have banned plastic crisp packets and confectionery wrappers from entering our building.

Like most creatives, we’re regularly fuelled by caffeine. However, we refuse to be a part of the 300 billion single use cups which are made each year. Especially since less than 2% will ever be recycled. Single use coffee cups are therefore not permitted in our office either. Instead, we use reusable and sustainable bamboo or rice husk alternatives. If you come to visit us, just ask for one before heading out for a coffee.

Work with (probably) the most sustainable design agency in the world.

Not only are we great at crafting great sustainable brands and campaigns, our sustainability credentials and initiatives help you to reduce your scope 3 emissions too.

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Carbon accounting & forecasting

Carbon accounting & forecasting

We complete our annual carbon accounting at the end of each calendar year. This includes calculations for all scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. It therefore includes everything from our energy use and entire supply chain to our commuting and home working emissions.

During this annual process we can also identify the hotspots for our emissions and plan for reductions in the next calendar year.

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tCO2e avoided in 2023


trees planted in 2023

Carbon offsetting & tree planting

Carbon offsetting & tree planting

Following our annual carbon accounting, we map our emissions to every client project. This gives us and our clients visibility on the carbon emissions which result from our work. We offset these unavoidable emissions via a range of nature based, carbon avoidance, renewable energy, and community projects.

In addition to offsetting the carbon emissions for every project, we also plant a tree for every day we work for our clients.

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