Creative marketing materials to improve brand awareness for Sipple.

Sipple is building a movement on the belief that a cleaner tomorrow is urgent, by offering a convenient alternative to single-use plastic water bottles.

Founded to combat the environmental damage caused by the bottled water industry, Sipple makes it easy for people to drink refreshing, purified chilled water on the go without the plastic waste and approached Fourleaf to strengthen their brand strategy and marketing assets.

Our client

About Sipple

Sipple is a drinking water provider on a mission to disrupt the bottled water industry and eliminate single use plastic water bottles by giving consumers a choice on how they purchase water on the move.

Through strategically placed and innovative Hydration Stations, Sipple offer free ambient tap water or chilled/ambient UV sterilised pure filtered water for a small cost.

Offering a plastic free alternative to hydrating on the go, Sipple serve purified chilled water but without the waste.

The challenge

Communicating Sipple’s personality

We were tasked to improve Sipple’s current B2B marketing strategy and B2C engagement assets to better communicate their personality, attract potential new Hydration Station locations and support their mission to end the use of disposable plastic water bottles.

Understanding the competition and where Sipple sat within the existing industry was the foundation of this project to enhance connections within target sectors and produce a suite of adaptable assets to position Sipple as the go-to for drinking water on the go.

Email Marketing

Harness the power of a strong brand

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The environmental opportunity

Over the course of one year, just 60 refills per day from a single Sipple Hydration Station has a significant positive environmental impact.

plastic bottles saved by the 547 reusable bottles sold
plastic water bottles are prevented from entering the environment
kilograms of carbon prevented from entering the air we breathe
The process

Thoughtful strategy and design

We carried out strategic research to create an engaging B2B marketing campaign using Sipple’s existing branding, speaking directly to the businesses within their target markets. The initial B2B strategy focused on strengthening brand presence in existing locations as well as defining what was needed to widen their reach on a national level.

We worked with transferring Sipple’s brand guidelines around tone of voice and values into the messaging used throughout the campaign, where light-hearted, playful content was best used to reinforce the brand personality and connect with the correct audiences.

To make the launch of the new Hydration Stations a success in the future, Fourleaf produced a comprehensive collection of B2C assets which could all be packaged into a single launch pack. These assets highlighted different unique selling points alongside the environmental, hygienic and financial benefits of what Sipple offer.

The solution

Creating waves for Sipple

Tone of voice

Sipple’s personality begins with its playful and slightly unconventional tone of voice. We developed on its origins and built their personality into the content and messaging used throughout a lead generation campaign alongside B2B and B2C marketing assets.

The attention-grabbing headlines were backed up with targeted thought-provoking content designed to balance the serious implication with the playful tone of voice.

Campaign materials

Fourleaf devised and built an automated email marketing campaign to connect Sipple with potential locations and a collection of B2C engagement assets to promote Sipple Hydration Stations on site and across social media:

  • B2B lead generation campaign, design, strategy and execution to connect Sipple with potential new Hydration Station locations within the education, transport and health sectors.
  • Teaser deck and sales assets to support the Sipple team when presenting to new location opportunities.
  • B2C launch packs providing printed materials including editable posters, signage and wayfinder devices to promote the Hydration Stations on site and reinforce Sipple’s mission and story.
  • Social media post templates to deliver a variety of messages from Sipple’s unique selling points to the environmental, hygienic and financial benefits of the water they supply and also to support relevant global events such as ‘World Refill Day’.

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