Inspiring the next generation to ‘make the future’.

A fast moving world needs reliable energy and as the population continues to grow so does the demand for more energy and the drive to find alternative sources, along with the need to inspire future generations.

‘Make The Future’ is a global, dynamic event hosted by Shell to demonstrate how they are taking action to help create a more sustainable, energy-rich, lower carbon future and aims to engage and educate all ages about the necessity for change.

Shell Make the Future Live branding

Diversity of knowledge and expertise

Fourleaf have been involved in a multitude of projects for Shell communications and marketing materials, allowing us the opportunity to leverage this prior knowledge and experience to recommend existing content and assets from across a wide variety of businesses, innovations and other Shell programmes that could be reused or repurposed for the event.

Education on a global scale

Fourleaf produced both digital and print collateral to communicate and engage a diverse range of target audiences before, during and after the event. From B2B collateral and school awareness campaigns through to a range of engaging on-site experiences, an event of this nature requires an ability to adapt the communications and delivery to the relevant audiences as the programme moves from location to location.

Digital solutions ranged from partner presentations and sponsorship packs, through interactive pupil information guides and simple treasure hunt kiosks up to complex touchscreen and augmented reality applications.

Fourleaf have worked with Shell and other agency partners on this event for a number of years and continue to do so as it develops to reflect the evolving energy debate.