Trading of carbon credits with nature-based solutions.

As Shell continue to expand their portfolio of climate and environmentally beneficial projects, they approached us with a need to take their existing content and restructure it to be clear and digestible.

For what is undoubtedly a complex topic, having a strong web presence, with clear and concise information and strong crosslinking to other relevant content was critical; there was also a strong case to bring some of this content to life through the use of interactive assets.

Mobile screens of Nature based solutions assets

Strategic recommendations.

The existing content around the topics of Nature-based solutions and Environmental Products was quite disparate and in instances unclear, so one of Fourleaf’s initial exercises was a strategic one; taking this and forming it into the basis of pages on the website – along with making recommendations of potential content gaps, and areas where interactive content would create a more immersive and educational user journey.

iPad view os nature based solutions screens

User journeys and page visuals.

We proposed an amended website structure for the content, sense checked this against a range of audiences to ensure that multiple personas requirements would be met before we produced detailed wireframes for all pages.

Nature based solutions web pages Nature based solutions web pages

An interactive world of projects.

Shell’s Environmental Products team holds a portfolio of carbon credits sourced from high quality emissions reduction projects around the world that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while improving the livelihoods of local communities and preserving biodiversity and wildlife.

Using a 3D spinning globe, we plotted a selection of these – colour coded and filterable by conservation, afforestation, reforestation, household devices and renewable energy – along with project information, carbon credit reductions and interesting statistics produced as infographics.

Many of the trading projects had a crossover with specific Nature-based projects, so they were added to a separate globe for what was a slightly different target audience.

Globe asset displayed on screens

“What makes Fourleaf so valuable to me is their ability to embed themselves within our business, understand our thinking, processes, systems and expectations. On top of that, they push back and challenge me on things they don’t think will work, protecting not just my time, but my budget as well. Fourleaf are not only technical experts, they are highly creative, and finding a balance of that in one agency that I can trust has never been easy. I would definitely recommend them.”

Tim Coombes - Global Marcoms Manager – Shell Nature Based Solutions

Infographic asset Infographic asset

Investments and partnerships.

The tabbed asset we produced for Nature-based solutions was segmented into five top level categories, provided an easy explainer in bitesize chunks supported by visuals and infographics, some of which include subtle CSS animations to bring this to life. The asset was complemented by a PDF factsheet which could be downloaded and kept for future reference.