Communicating visions of the future for Shell Scenarios.

The future of energy and its challenges is a complex and sensitive arena requiring clear messaging delivered in innovative and engaging ways.

Encouraging global leaders to consider “what if” possibilities, the Shell Scenarios team ask questions to develop possible visions of the future. Aimed at aiding not only governments, academia and business, but also the general public, to understand future uncertainties, Shell Scenarios educates and informs these multiple audience groups, in times of change through energy and environmental issues.

Inspiring a sustainable future

Leveraging our vast experience of digital solutions within the energy industry and more importantly our knowledge of the Shell Scenarios programme, Fourleaf were tasked with creating engaging ways to present and communicate their messages and visions along with complex data on a global platform.

These solutions needed to successfully inspire debate and action around the challenges of ensuring a sustainable future.

Communicating the future of energy

Targeted and engaging social media and email campaigns drive audiences through to interactive web tools that concentrate on individual 'scenarios' set by the Shell team.

Depending on their existing level of knowledge, audiences can choose between informative narrative based experiences to fully dynamic timeline and data driven assets, designed to be interrogated by the user, allowing them to tailor the experience to their own requirements, however complex they may be. A quiz was also developed to challenge the individuals learnings and initiate conversations amongst an energy engaged audience.

“Successful integrated digital and social media campaigns continue to increase awareness of Shell Scenarios and position Shell as a thought leader, maintaining their leading authority on emerging energies and planning for a more sustainable future.”

Changing and evolving with our clients needs

Our extensive digital knowledge and sector experience means we are able to change and adapt to the needs of our clients working within industries that don't stand still.

Ground breaking thought leadership requires innovative digital solutions and we continue to work with Shell's Scenarios team to communicate and visualise their projections well into the future.