Brand guardianship & brand guidelines designed to protect your investment.

Design innovation and creativity need to evolve and develop to cut through the constant noise. Meanwhile, brands also need to remain rooted to their design rules to maintain consistency. This is where brand guidelines design and brand guardianship need to play a vital role.

Secure your brand with brand guidelines design

The key to maintaining consistency.

Detailed and practical brand policies are the only viable route to maintaining consistent branding over a prolonged period. As part of every brand project, we develop brand guidelines which simplify ongoing brand management. They give you everything you need to maintain consistency for future projects.

We also work with clients to create comprehensive brand guidelines outside of a branding project. Whether your existing guidelines are not fit for purpose, or they need to be updated to include new uses such as livery or workwear, we can find the right solution for you.

We’ve worked on small-scale projects defining a single brand policy. We’ve also worked on highly complex multi-document guidelines for global corporations. Whatever the case, we use our decades of brand strategy expertise to compile no-nonsense brand guidelines.

Brand toolkits to simplify brand application

Efficient access to brand assets.

We help our clients build a treasure chest of brand assets via our brand toolkits. The toolkit contains everything you, or your creative agencies, need for quick and effective implementation of your brand.

Delivered online, they cover your brand basics from your logo variants to colour swatches and font packages. Your toolkit can also include digital templates, graphic language elements, imagery, and iconography. Brand toolkits provide the valuable assets which are essential to comply with the brand guidelines.

Protect your investment with brand guardianship

A checkpoint for perfection.

Fourleaf, and most clients, are quite rightly perfectionists. The problem comes when you’re delivering brand, marketing, and comms projects at high volumes and with multiple agencies and stakeholders. It’s far too easy to release something which doesn’t meet your brand standards. This is where our brand guardianship steps in. It acts as a checkpoint between production and the outside world for persistent perfection.

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