Brand strategy consultants who unlock potential and deliver growth.

Before creativity comes strategy. From brand proposition and positioning to brand naming, architecture and benchmarking. Our brand strategy consultants harness data-rich research and creative ideas for a more powerful market position.

Get ahead with competitor benchmarking

We create a clear picture of who’s leading, advancing, and lagging. Most importantly, we identify where you sit within the hierarchy. We perform in-depth research into your market, looking at the competitors and disruptors worthy of your attention and deliver it all in an actionable format.

Identifying the strengths that set you apart, we uncover exciting new opportunities, spot brand risks, and create a dynamic strategy which will propel you forward.

Crafting clear customer personas

Resonate with your customers.

Relevant and accurate customer personas play a valuable role in building an authentic brand which resonates with customers. Working with our brand strategy consultants, together we identify your customer personas by collating your own internal knowledge, together with data and market research. These personas will become the benchmark for all future decisions, enabling richer communications and fostering stronger relationships.

Brand proposition and positioning

Elevate customer desire.

We create successful brands by shaping a clear picture of why their customers need them. As part of your brand strategy, we identify and define your brand proposition and positioning within your market. Our proposition and positioning process is designed to align you to your customers and elevate customer desire.

Brand naming and renaming

From discovery to trademarking.

Whether you’re a startup, launching a new product, merging, strategically realigning, or refreshing, we’ll identify and secure the perfect name. We can carry out a full naming project cycle from the initial discovery process through to availability analysis, linguistics, and trademarking.

Brand architecture consultancy

Managing multiple brands.

We often work with clients who have more than one brand. Multiple brands can create complex implications. As experienced brand strategy consultants, we create strategically appropriate brand architectures which are logical for customers and drive business performance.

We can guide you through the rationale and intricacies of endorsed brands, house of brands or a variety of hybrid methods. The result is a streamlined brand portfolio, and clear brand architecture for seamless marketing.

Ask our brand strategy consultants

Our brand strategy services are designed to build your brand with solid foundations. Start your project by getting in touch with our team.

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Spanning over two decades we have delivered hundreds of brand projects for high profile brands, niche firms, startups, and everything in between.

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