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A quality brochure still has its place

The digital era has seen amazing advances in interactive communications and engaging content. However, nothing can completely take the place of a beautifully designed brochure that can be held and taken away to pick up and peruse.

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The right format

Non-standard sizes, innovative printing options and attention to detail with paper selection, can be used to create a ‘traditional’ brochure that has the visual power to stand out in today's modern world.

From sketch pad to brochure, we do it all

From page plans, image selection and content creation to print management, we provide a complete end to end service, producing a finished brochure that reflects the right message for you.

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Important considerations when hiring a creative brochure design agency

Why are brochures still important to business?

Brochures are still considered an important part of the sales and marketing mix. Creative brochure design will captivate and interest an audience just as well as online sales channels such as a website.

Even the largest online corporations such as Google still utilise printed marketing as they understand the impact of having something that can be picked up and looked at instantly and passed on to others, widening their reach further.

We consistently find that most people still like a physical connection that a printed brochure offers. Additionally, a screen cannot offer the same textures or ease to put down and pick up that a brochure can.

A well designed and produced brochure will reinforce the credibility of a business and improve trust levels for the online presence too.

What are the benefits of a brochure?

With the rise of digital marketing, according to the Content Marketing Institute, two thirds of marketing professionals do not include print as part of their marketing strategies. This has effectively opened up a gap for the remaining marketers to fill with powerful creative brochure designs that stand out from the crowd.

Brochures are versatile as they can be left after a business meeting, handed out at an industry event or mailed as part of a direct marketing campaign. Any good Brochure design agency should be able to create a brochure that your potential customers will want to pick up and peruse rather than automatically reach for a tablet to search.

Standing out from the crowd is becoming increasingly difficult. We consume so much information every minute of every day in so many ways but getting information in front of an audience that makes them slow down and digest it is critical. A good quality brochure from a reputable brochure design agency should do just that.

How should your brochure content differ from your online content?

Recycling online content for print or vice versa is a big NO NO. Readers absorb print and online mediums very differently and a brochure design agency will be able to offer guidance as to what is best for a brochure.

Print readers are more committed to taking time out to absorb information whereas online attention spans are much more limited. A creative brochure design that generates results will take this fundamental difference into account to encourage a conversion.

In fact, with web users reading 25% slower from a screen than from paper, printed brochures can afford to have 50% more content, an opportunity to tell the reader a lot more about the product or service available.

SEO is not a factor in print as it is for online content. Print content can therefore be more creative and image conjuring and is where a brochure design agency can really add value with creative words and imagery to captivate a reader.

How effective are brochures in marketing?

Brochure design agencies know that a well-designed brochure is a key tool in a marketing campaign. There are numerous reasons why.

Market research has shown that consumers still look to a brochure to support their decision making process, particularly for larger purchases such as a car or furniture. Where more consideration is needed for high value or high risk items and services, consumers still like to have a brochure to pick up and put down as and when needed to help come to a decision.

Creative brochure design strengthens a marketing campaign. The correct format, content and design will lead to conversions.

Because your brochure is part of the conversion process, it is not possible or even correct to attribute their effectiveness as a conversion percentage. Additionally, this will vary widely from industry to industry and even for different types of products and services.

How to brief a brochure design agency on a new project

To get the most out of the creative brochure design process, a vital stage is the initial client to agency brief.

A brief should definitely include:

  • Access to brand guidelines
  • Details of the target market
  • A word count. This may well be an estimate but it will give a good indication of how many pages are likely to be involved
  • Examples of equivalent or competitor brochures
  • An indication around the expectations of the brochure. Will it need to be of the highest quality for very high end products or services or is the brochure for lower end items that need a lower quality of end product?
  • Are there any existing brochure artwork files available to see or use as this could create time and cost efficiencies
  • The quantity of brochures that you will need printed once it is designed
  • Ideally you should also include a project budget

Choosing the right brochure design format and print quantities

A lot of thought and decisions go in to creating a brochure. Fourleaf is a brochure design agency that knows getting the format right is the most important factor in producing a brochure with the desired impact.

Whether it be A4, 5 or 3, portrait, landscape or square, bound, stitched or boxed, creative brochure design is an open book of options. Brochures don’t even have to be books, they can be an accordion shape, open up with pull out surprises for the reader or even have cut out shapes to catch the eye.

Remember that a personality can be captured in a brochure such as via a formal representation or a more light-hearted visualisation. With so many elements to take in to account, this is where a brochure design agency is a valuable asset, to help pin point options to choose from that best suit the end product required.

Then there is the question of print runs. Pay for brochures that are never seen by prospective customers is not a wise purchasing decision. However, efficiencies of scale in print should be utilised where possible and larger print runs are far more cost effective per unit. Doubling the quantity does not double the cost.

Make sure you consider factors such as: is the brochure seasonal? Is the content likely to change considerably on a regular basis? Is the brochure part of a targeted campaign where there is a finite number needed? Typically speaking however, we recommend a client print 9 months’ of quantity, this should give at least 6 months’ worth of heavy use or a year worth of lighter handout numbers.

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