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The unique capabilities of Digital Publishing and Digital Magazines opens a new world of possibilities for publishers and content owners.

Tablet magazine app design work for Inside Energy

The rise of the digital magazine

Since the launch of Apple’s Newsstand in 2011, the number of digital magazines continues to grow year on year. Does this continued growth mean that print is a dying medium? Absolutely not. Print will always be a staple diet for magazine readers. However, in the same way that digital advertising has taken market share away from more traditional channels, digital publishing will take its own market share from traditional print.

Tablet magazine app design work for Inside Energy

Digital only niche content

Largely speaking, publishers have added optionality to existing traditional print magazines. However, in some cases magazines are being launched as digital only versions delivered solely via tablet devices.

For specialist niche subjects, digital publications enables you to publish globally without the costs and infrastructure of a physical distribution network. This “long-tailed” distribution has helped open up an entire new world of possibilities.

Digital magazines are an advertisers dream

Interactive features, animations, videos and digital artwork can all be blended to create an optimised digital magazine that engages readers in a way that print never can. This enhanced user experience is a key factor in converting readers from print to digital.

Equally, this is great news for your advertisers and what is more… they are willing to pay for it. From an advert that takes you on an interactive tour inside a car, to an advert with high impact video content, research has shown that readers of digital magazines actually enjoy ads rather than see them as a nuisance. This mental shift is worthy of their marketing dollars.

Tablet magazine app advertising design work for Shell
Tablet magazine app design major platforms - Adobe DPS, Twixl, Mag+

We guide clients through the multiple platforms

Over the last few years, the rise of the digital magazine has spawned a growing list of publishing platforms. Additionally, there are also a number of distribution and monetization methods.

Our Digital Publishing team have the extensive experience and knowledge to offer an end to end service; from strategy and setup through to design, implementation and ongoing production if needed.

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