Kiosk application development and design agency for exhibitions & events.

Our expert team knows how to use the latest technology to create kiosk applications that draw in the crowd and deliver your message.

Kiosk application development for TED Global Conference
Kiosk application development for Apax

Cost effective for exhibitions & events

Interactive content on tablet devices housed within kiosk hardware can be an extremely cost effective and agile solution for exhibitions and events.

With a wide range of hardware solutions available, we are able to provide customised solutions to fit specific needs. We can even design and manufacture bespoke hardware solutions too.

Attracting an audience

At exhibitions or events, attracting an audience and successfully engaging them in targeted, relevant content is crucial if you are going to cut through the noise. Using digital technologies as a conversation starter makes this first hurdle easier to get over.

Kiosk application development for LNG Canada

Draw in the crowds

Encouraging engagement through interactive content, games, digital questionnaires or impressive features such as augmented reality, this digital ‘middle-man’ draws in the crowds for the next step; face to face communication.


Interactive kiosks have stamped their mark as a highly effective tool within so many industries. From retail to education to tourism, such is the diversity of how they can be used. Customisation and bespoke design can make them useful in pretty much any arena.

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