A 3D design studio creating unique 3D visualisations.

Our studio combines creative design and technical skills to build striking 3D visualisations that bring your project to life.

3d design studio work for LNG Canada

We visualise concepts and ideas

Part of our job in the design studio is to visualise ideas or concepts that conventional design can't. Sometimes 2D designs, sketches or photographic mock-ups just do not cut it. This is where 3D visualisations can save the day.

Influencing opinions

If customers need convincing or decision makers need a better understanding of concepts or products that don’t yet exist, then 3D visualisations can be a valuable asset or marketing tool. You can be confident that difficult to explain, non-tangible ideas, are being relayed exactly as you envisage them.

A versatile asset

Once a detailed 3D model has been created it can be used in a wide variety of end products. Our design and animation studio can create full motion sequences and animations as well as export high-res images for use in print and digital communications. We can an even use the model with an augmented reality experience.

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