Strategic, creative and technical excellence, delivered by our dedicated team of professionals.

As individuals, we are all dedicated to our craft. As a team, all under one roof, we provide a rounded set of skills and knowledge that is hard to beat.

We have business minded strategic thinkers, superbly creative designers and advanced technical specialists that can work across the entire digital, print & brand spectrum.

John Aylott - Director

John Aylott

Managing Director

If you want to optimise click rates, strategise a marketing campaign or need help on how to proceed with anything John is your man in the know.

Richard Payne - Creative Director

Richard Payne

Creative Director

As the head of our Creative team, Rich oversees the entire creative output of the studio as well as steering the creative journey for all projects, from that initial spark to directing visuals and overall concepts.

Jeff Wadey - Head of Project Management

Jeff Wadey

Client Services Director

As Client Services Director Jeff works on a variety of projects from websites, intranets, extranets, mobile apps and general creative campaigns. If it’s digital then he knows it.

Robert Bruce

Finance Manager

As well as keeping a close eye on the financials as Head of Finance, Robert is a keen motorsports and classic car nut, regularly found tinkering with something mechanical.

Emma Williams - Account Manager

Emma Czarnecka

Account Manager/Project Manager

As well as keeping our clients happy and projects flowing, Emma is also our manager of fun, keeping the morale high when the work gets tough.

Kate Powell - Creative Lead

Kate Powell

Creative Lead

As Creative Lead, and token northerner, Kate has regular involvement in key projects across our digital print and brand offering as well as leading the core creative designers.

Mariya Ivanova - Development Lead

Mariya Ivanova

Development Lead

Mariya is the queen of many things; HTML, CSS and cross compatibility to get our site designs looking and working perfectly but more importantly, she is the queen of cupcakes.

Andrew Howell - Digital Publishing Team Lead

Andrew Howell


As well as being the king of front doors on Instagram, Andy is one of our most senior designers. As our resident typographic geek, Andy's skill and experience spans across our complete digital, print and brand service offering.

Matt Adamson


Matt not only has eclectic culinary tastes but is also a bit of a convert from print to digital. A member of ‘team creative’, Matt racks up his hours producing a range of creative outputs.

Charlotte Docwra


Having studied Geography at uni and worked in Catering for 7 years, Charlotte decided that graphic design was really what she wanted to do. An apprenticeship, predominately in print design cemented her passion for the industry. Also an amateur wildlife photographer, Charlotte is the newest member of the Fourleaf team.

Emma De Silva


Having studied Fine Art and History of Art, Emma’s passion lies in illustration. Outside of the creative world, Emma is a fan of travel and has a self-confessed ‘obsession’ with Star Wars.

Rowan Harry

Front End Developer

Apart from a fascination with reptiles, Rowan has always been interested in the ways of the web. Part of our dedicated frontend team, he built his first website at the age of 7.

Simon Thacker - Developer

Simon Thacker

Backend Developer

As a backend developer Simon works across a variety of different disciplines from .Net to SharePoint. He’s also our resident JavaScript hero.

Alex Foster

Front End Developer

After 5 years in digital marketing, time spent building things in his Grampy's shed got the better of him. Alex now loves to build strategically optimised sites/apps using the latest FE technologies... *cough*... React.