Bespoke sales enablement apps and interactive sales presentations.

Sales enablement apps and digital sales tools are thriving as companies attempt to gain a competitive edge over their rivals.

bespoke sales enablement app for Pfizer Inovoject

Convert leads into sales

Digital publishing provides an ideal platform from which to deliver sales enablement tools and Fourleaf has significant experience in creating them. Each tool we create is bespoke for specific client needs to maximise their effectiveness in converting leads into sales.

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Stay in sync

It is often crucial that sales teams have complete and up to date information. Showing an out of date brochure or data sheet can lead to significant problems. The ability to “push” an update out to an entire sales team keeps everyone in sync.

Always available

Do you have specific challenges relating to connectivity such as being in extreme and remote locations with limited access to the internet? If you do, we can build your sales tool with this in mind so all information is stored on the device and ready to use anytime anywhere.

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iPads and tablets are extremely portable and conducive to sales applications. They are small and lightweight. No sooner is it taken from a bag, it is on and ready to present. Batteries last longer than the average laptop and add into the mix they are just more “cool”, it is easy to understand why they are becoming the tool of choice among savvy, sales hungry businesses.

Making it simple

Interactive features, animations, calculators and tools can make the complicated look a whole lot simpler. Online tools such as mortgage calculators have achieved this for years and have without doubt converted sales. With a tablet sales enablement app, it is now possible to add these powerful tools into face to face sales scenarios. 

bespoke sales enablement app for Pfizer Inovoject

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Your guide to sales enablement apps

What is a sales enablement app?

A sales enablement app is simply a mobile or tablet app that facilitates a sales person to make a sale. Exactly how it does this will depend on your specific circumstances, business, product or service. For example, a sales enablement app for a car manufacturer could contain a finance calculator to give their customer an on the spot price during a face to face conversation. A sales enablement app for luxury yachts might be more focused on high impact video, quality photography and floorplans to get customers excited about buying. The point is that your sales enablement app should contain exactly what you need to convert prospects into paying customers.

What features does a sales enablement app have?

There are many off-the-shelf sales enablement apps in the app stores. Each of them has their own specific niches, pros and cons. However, at Fourleaf we create bespoke sales enablement apps. Therefore, your sales enablement app can have whatever functionality or content you need in order to maximise your sales. This bespoke level of development is what makes our sales apps extremely powerful tools.

While off-the-shelf apps will be feature rich and packed full of functionality, typically we find that most organisations only use a very small percentage of what they are actually capable of. This means that you are paying for functionality you don’t use and are also missing some potentially amazing features that will make all the difference in generating revenue. In short, your sales enablement app should have the right features for your set of circumstances.

What are the benefits of sales enablement apps?

Ultimately, the number one outcome or benefit of a sales enablement app is that it helps sales teams to generate sales, revenue and profit. However, there are a number of other benefits lower down the chain that contribute to this final outcome.

A connected salesforce – Sales teams are very often disconnected from each other and the rest of the organisation. Many spend lots of time outside of the office in airports, hotels, cafés and on the road. Their laptop and mobile phone are often their primary connections into what is happening within the business, yet they remain largely disconnected from the rest of the sales team. A sales enablement app can help bring all of the sales team together via a common platform and a common set of messaging and content.

Up to date information – With sales teams away from the office this poses a significant problem in ensuring that each and every one of them has the correct and up to date information. Sales materials in both hard copy printed form and soft copy on laptops can easily be out of date resulting in sales teams using out of date product information and pricing. Because tablet apps sync when they have an internet connection, yet are available offline, you can be 100% sure that everyone is up to date with a single tap.

Availability – Tablets are extremely useful and versatile pieces of hardware. They turn on with the flip of a cover, they are extremely lightweight and have excellent battery life, are not dependent on a constant internet connection, yet are extremely connective when they are online. This makes them perfect for use whether in an office environment, in a café or hotel and even in the most challenging and hostile environments in the world.

Interactivity – Our sales enablement apps can fully utilise the interactivity of a tablet device making them engaging and most importantly persuasive. We have all seen enough dull and dreary PowerPoint presentations to last a lifetime. Our aim is to make sales tools and sales content that keeps the audience captivated while not distracting them away from the face to face conversation they are having. Our interactive content is always designed to facilitate and spark conversations that turn into relationships.

What types of organisations are sales enablement apps most suited to?

The first mandatory requirement is that you do some form of face to face selling. This might be regularly in client meetings or at specific times such as at tradeshows or events. In any case, it is important that you are with your prospect or customer.

Beyond this, while there are no specific mandatory rules, if you can answer “yes” to one or more of the following questions, then a sales enablement app will likely be of great benefit:

  • Do you provide products and services that of a very high quality or high value?
  • Do you want to significantly upsell and cross sell products and services?
  • Do you have large amounts of brochures, pricelists, data and other sales materials?
  • Is your product complicated to explain and does it help when you show visuals?

How much does a sales enablement app cost?

Off-the-shelf sales enablement apps are typically charged on a per user basis either monthly or annually. However, as we have explained, these are essentially providing a prebuilt service which is designed as a one size fits all solution. Our bespoke sales enablement apps are designed and developed to our clients’ exact needs. As a result, the cost will also vary based on the specification and features. However, as a rough guideline, they can start from around £5,000 for simple solutions and go up to £50,000 and beyond for highly complex, interactive and feature rich solutions. Part of our job is to ensure that our clients see a significant financial return on their sales enablement app investment so your setup costs should never be adversely disproportionate to the gains you will make.

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