Inspiring greater certainty for an innovative energy consultancy.

In a space filled with rigs, ships and hard hats, our challenge was to present io as disruptors within their field, demonstrating their unique personality.

Conveying original and inventive thinking across their areas of expertise, along with how this is communicated to their target audiences, is critical to ensuring their position as industry leaders.

Multi faceted marketing

Working with io’s existing brand guidelines and related assets, Fourleaf created a multitude of communications materials. From additional splice concepts and iconography to their corporate website and visual styling to promote their thought leadership pieces on social media.

Cohesive, recognised and respected

As experts in their field, thought leadership pieces are one of io’s strongest links to their audience and potential new business opportunities.

Fourleaf created and maintained a cohesive and recognisable series of posts to promote these, which had an instant impact on click through rates and impressions.


The refreshed visual presence and confident, authoritative tone of voice we elected to use across the website and social media posts inspired a number of key VP/CEO level conversations that led to major contract wins.

Building lasting relationships with our clients is at our core. Fourleaf has an ongoing relationship with io to support their evolving personality and service offerings.

“It’s such a big step forward from where we were, both in terms of content and visually, I am so glad I got you guys on board here – and you can quote me on that!”

Sarah Miles - Marketing Director