Solving intricate visual communications challenges for Engie.

Working across multiple service areas in the energy industry often means we have to research, understand and digest differing types of subject matter so that we can make the complex clear.

Engie is a global energy company creating, delivering and servicing energy related solutions. Within such a technical environment, our client needed help explaining their products and services in an easy to understand way.

Engaging graphical language

Starting with a conversation to define the key messaging, words became sketches and sketches became graphics that align with the clients’ visual identity and offerings.

With half of our brain involved in visual processing, we remember 80% of what we see compared to only 20% of what we read. Using data visualization and infographics we simplify processes, highlight trends in statistics and weave a narrative through these elements so the complex suddenly makes perfect sense.

Transferable assets for future use

Over a number of years we have created multiple infographics for various products and services. Due to the nature of their simplicity the visuals can be easily repurposed and used across multiple platforms from PowerPoint presentations, to newsletters, web pages and banners. From the graphical assets that had already been developed we also created the first explainer animation using same style for cohesion and continuity.

“The animation is really cool! We did not expect it to be animated so beautifully. Compliments on behalf of my team!”